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A domain name is the most important part of a website, without a domain name there isn’t a website. A domain name is the address of your website, without an address it is difficult to be found…

Think carefully what kind of domain name you want, a .nl or rather .com? This section is called a TLD, nowadays there are many different Tlds available as for example .Amsterdam. Click on the button below to see all Tlds we offer.

In order to make a correct assessment, you must first know who will visit your website most often, for Dutch visitors choose .NL while if you are expecting more international visitors you better get a .com or .eu TLD.

Can’t figure it out? Please contact us, with our experience we can help you and answer questions.

Uitgebreidere informatie domeinnamen

Het is belangrijk om de volgende punten in acht te houden bij het kiezen van een domeinnaam;

  • Zorg dat de bedrijfsnaam ook in de domeinnaam voorkomt
  • Wat de geografische doelgroep van de website is, .nl, .eu of toch .com?
  • Maak de domeinnaam niet te lang en te ingewikkeld, hoe minder hoe beter
    Domeinnamen met 3 of 4 tekens zijn het beste, alleen zijn meeste al wel bezet.
  • Gebruik niet zomaar de afkorting van uw bedrijf, tenzij uw (toekomstige) klanten u al onder die afkorting kennen. Zoals bijvoorbeeld voor Albert Heijn

Overzicht van beschikbare TLD's

Alle prijzen zijn excl. 21% BTW

Beschikbare TLD extensie's

















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A good website has good pages, now it seems simple to type a text and put that on-line right?
That is certainly an option, however a website is a digital thing. With (digital) search engines, who do not read the same way as we humans.
Search engines use an algorithm to include pages in the database (indexing), so it is very useful to make texts search engine friendly because a website will be found better and faster by visitors.
This is called “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO.

A basic website includes 3 pages by default, such as a home page, services/products page and a contact page. The base you’ll need to have a website.
You are responsible for submitting the texts on your website, we only edit texts to fit within a page. The text is by default not checked by us on SEO, this is possible at an additional fee as well as writing the texts on your website.

Any extra page will add € 75,- to the total, no matter the amount of text.

An SSL certificate provides additional security on your website, it encrypts all transmitted data from & to the website. This will prevent unauthorized changes and thus not hack your website or steal data from your customers.

There are several SSL certificates on the market, from different suppliers and with different authentication and thus security levels;

  • Domain Validation (DV)
    This only confirms that you are the owner of the domain name, further data will not be checked.
    Valid only for 1 domain, without sub-domains.
  • Domain Validation wildcard (DV +)
    Same as DV only with all sub-domains in there, a sub-domain is something like ‘ ‘
  • Extended Validation (EV)
    These SSL certificates are most well known from the bank, besides the Green lock, your company name is also visible.
    These certificates are standard without wildcard but are also available with wildcard, a wildcard also protects all sub-domains.

If you have never heard of Hosting, you probably know the term server. It’s both the same, a server you own in management and hosting is “hosted” by a third party.
The hosting are the brains of the website, all pages and scripts are stored here and are called as soon as someone visits your domain name.

2 important things to hosting are; Bandwidth and free disk space.
The more bandwidth, the more visitors can be on your website at once. The larger the disk space, the more files you can upload.

All our hosting locations are located in the Netherlands, on request, server locations in America, Belgium, Canada & Germany are possible. We advise to choose America and Canada only if your geographic target group is also there, otherwise your website may react unnecessarily slowly in the Netherlands or other European countries.

An email address with your company name behind the ‘ @ ‘ is very professional, especially in comparison with, for example, a @gmail or @microsoft/@live email address.
Surveys show time and time again that companies lose customers if they use a Gmail or Live email address professionally.
In addition, it is also that scammers often use such email addresses to give themselves out as your business, chances are that you will not be trustworthy with such a mail address.

Without products there is no webshop, that’s obvious. Other webshop providers tend to limit the number of products that can be added, but we don’t do this. You can add an unlimited number of products and product variations (such as colors and sizes) to your webshop, this is a very simple task and easy to learn.

It’s also possible to add products by importing a database file such as an .CSV or .XML file. We can also provide this for you if you wish.

Quick and worry-free payments is a must for most companies, to accomplish this almost all webshops make use of a “Payment Service Provider” (PSP).
Going through all payment solutions per country and sign a contract with them, is a time consuming process. Besides that it is harder to implement in a webshop this way, PSP’s already gone through this process and offer simple to implement solutions.

Another pro of using a PSP is that they have many payment solutions available to use, also from other countries. This will expand your global reach massively and thus increase your business income.

For our basic webshop we offer the PSP “Stripe”, they can supply all the most popular payment solutions. Including Creditcards, Apple Pay, Google Pay & AliPay.
PayPal is also included with our webshops as a payment provider, other payment methods and PSP’s are available.

For a company it is always good practice to have Terms & Conditions set in place when selling products or offering services to others, but with a webshop this is mandatory in most countries. This is to make sure where what liability lies and what the rights & duties for both parties are.

Without legal-proof Terms & Conditions your webshop isn’t GDPR-proof, this can lead to high fines for your compant. This while it isn’t that hard to come by good Terms & Conditions.
It might seem a good idea to create your Terms & Conditions all by yourself with some help from Google, but it’s important in that case to get some legal approval before using it.
A condition in your T&S which is outlawed or should be used in a different way could lead to costly legal procedures, as the Law always overrules your T&S. In this case it is possible you might lose other rights you normally speaking would have, if your T&S gets voided by a Judge or Court.

At Nefesh International we have experience with creating Terms & Conditions and checking existing T&S’s, we can do this for your website or company-wide at an additional fee.
The amount of this fee depends strongly on the complexity of the T&S, ask us for a quote by contacting us

Since the GDPR regulation has become active, webshops are bound to have a ‘Privacy Statement’. In this document you state how you deal with your clients data.
You also state how you store, secure, process and with who your share data, including your reasons and for what period you’ll be storing it.
When you don’t have a Privacy Statement you’re at risk of being fined, those fines are very high.

Nefesh International offers you the option to let us create a Privacy Statement for your whole company, not just the webshop.
Of course do we take all things in consideration to create the best Privacy Statement fitting your company, we can also provide you in training for your employee’s.
For more information and prices, contact us.

Basic webshop

Building a webshop takes up more time & knowledge than just a website does. First you’ll need to build a website, after that you build in the webshop part, testing is a big part of the webshop development. Making sure payments can be received and are secure, or invoices generated automatically with your branding and logo.

We have compiled a basic webshop package for companies wanting a webshop, an affordable but still professional option. With everything in it for the next 2 years, at no extra cost provided nothing will change. Of course you have the possibility to add/change/delete an unlimited amount of products to your webshop. You are only limited in the disk space available with the hosting, for a basic webshop you’ll have 5 GB available. You are only limited in the disk space available with the hosting, for a basic webshop you’ll have 5 GB available and is expandable.

You’ll get a well designed, professional & simple to use webshop, build especially for your business. The domain name is registered for 2 years and you can create 5 email addresses with your own domain name. For security you’ll get a SSL certificate included, with this you improve the security and data of your webshop. It is also required by de GDPR regulations to have a SSL certificate on a webshop.

The Nefesh International basic webshop comes included with the following;

  • Free .nl or .eu domain name for 2 years
  • 4 default pages | Homepage, About us, Contact & a Shop page. All other needed pages like cart & checkout are included by default but don’t need editing by us.
    Extra pages € 75,- each
  • Domain Validation SSL Certificate for 2 years
  • Hosting for 2 years included
  • 5 email addresses with your own domain name
  • Add/change/delete an unlimited amount of products
    incl. unlimited amount of product variations
  • Credit card integration met Stripe
  • PayPal integration with your own PayPal account
  • Webshop made GDPR-proof
  • Usage instructions

Price: € 1.500,- (excl. 21% VAT)

After the 2 years there is a yearly recurring fee for the domain name and hosting, those costs are: € 45,- per year.

Custom made webshop

For when you have more extensive wishes, we can be of service for you as well. Webshops are more often tailor-made than in a standardized form.

The possibilities include among other things;

  • Extension with plug-ins
  • Integration with a CRM
  • Integration to external services and websites
  • And much more

We would like to talk to you without obligation to discuss the possibilities with you, please contact us.

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