Telegram is a messaging app, available for a multiple type of devices like Android, iOs & Windows (also for Desktop).
You can compare Telegram with WhatsApp, you can send messages to others just like WhatsApp.
But there the comparison sort of stops, because Telegram is in many ways more versatile than WhatsApp. It is also more privacy minded than WhatsApp is, most noticeable by not needing a phone number to connect to someone. Everyone can set their username they prefer, if not taken already of course!

An other huge advantage of Telegram compared to WhatsApp is the ability to create “Channels”, “Groups” & “Bots” that others can join and follow the posted content.
But the biggest advantage of Telegram is their API access, everyone can build services for and connected to Telegram.
Making possibilities almost endless for businesses, getting in contact with your business quickly and via a trusted platform.
At Nefesh International we have several years creating, managing en selling Telegram content, we are now at a point that we can assist you with your business needs on Telegram.

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