The news reports about big companies getting hacked pretty frequently, but even worse evidence of hacking attempts can be found in your own website or webshop logs! It highly depends on the level of security if those hackers will gain access to your critical files, 1 vulnerability can be enough to destroy a business or disrupt (income) for months. In the worst cases this can also evolve into costly law suits and other legal issues.

Hackers basically have 2 ways of hacking, by fishing or targeted. The targeted way is mainly used to hack big companies, governments and banks, a hacker will go in the code of one specific website or server. They will then look for vulnerabilities in the code to gain access (exploit), as most of these websites are custom build they will have to use their hacking knowledge to the fullest of their capabilities.
Most hackers who do this are very experienced and thus expensive, most of them will work on a contract base. Therefore it’s not very likely they target small to medium businesses (unless hired by your competitor), as most small to medium business don’t have the budget for a custom framework for their website.
Most of these website will have a framework from WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop or Shopify, in conjunction with (third party) plugins. Both these frameworks and plugins can have flaws in them, opening up your website to (amateur-)hackers.
These hackers have build, downloaded or bought scripts allowing them to scan websites, just like Google does. But they search on your website for known plugin or framework vulnerabilities, once they found them they will try to exploit them to gain access to your back-end.

Our Security Monitoring & Enforcement service monitors your website 24/7, after we’ve put extra security on your website preventing the most common exploits to be exploited.
If and when (mostly when) a hacking or snooping attempt takes place, our service will take action automatically. Our added extra layer of security will block the most exploit attempts and blacklist the originating IP address. We will follow up after each attempt by sending warnings & (eventually) cease and desist orders to the ISP or IP owner.
We aggregate all data collected from former hacking attempts on other monitored websites, this way we have our own blacklist of known IP addresses being used in hacking attempts. This enables us to preemptively block bad IP addresses.

You as a website owner won’t notice anything normally, we will notify you immediately when a successful hack has taken place.
We will also advise you on how to proceed in that case, at the time we don’t offer any hacking recovery services as standardized service.

Get your WordPress website or webshop secure and monitored, TODAY!

With our fixed prices you’ll never run into extra costs using our service for your websites and webshops.
Have your website monitored 24/7 and hacking attempts blocked, after the block we’ll do our best to stop any attacks coming in the future from that IP address.

Price: € 299,- /year