Anyone can add and modify information on Google (Maps), everything is checked by Google employee’s and/or ‘Local Guides‘ for correctness of the information.

Let’s take opening hours as an example;
Google isn’t able to go to all companies and check if the supplied information is correct.
Suppose someone says that a company is closed on Saturday, while this is the best day of conversion, this can have some serious consequences for you as an entrepreneur.
Therefore, Google relies on their Local Guides for adding and checking additions, the more correct additions, adjustments, checks, reviews and photos the higher the ‘level‘ of a Local Guide will become.
The higher the level the faster added data from the Local Guide is approved and publicized.

Many of the modifications made by our Local Guide are deemed correct and thus implemented directly, in no-time an error is adjusted. Also, the pictures are better valued and thus more prominent visible when in comes to the photos from others.
Nefesh International offers a service that will update, add and/or supplement your Google information at a fast pace, giving you an influx on customer walk-ins shortly! See our service description below for more.

Google Services
150,- /once (excl. 21% VAT)
Add, complement/enhance, & check the business data in Google search results and on Google Maps
Fast to the top on Google, without expenses on a monthly/weekly plan, one time costs
Get noticed and found by Google Maps users, Google already know who your new customer is. Let them find you!
Extra walk-ins of customers interested in your company, directed by the Google algorithm to your business.
1 Exterior photo, show your business to your new customer before they ever visited you. Makes them feel acquainted with you.

Additional services:

Interior photos
€ 35,- per photo

Menu photos
€ 35,- per dish (max. 2 photos)

Menu indexing
€ 7,50 per dish

(Additional services are invoiced separately if bought online)

Beware! It is not possible and also not allowed to buy a review!
If a review is given, this is on a personal basis and no financial or other compensation will be asked for/expected.