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Online Security Monitoring & Enforcement

 299,00 excl. 21% BTW
With our 'Online Security Monitoring & Enforcement' (OSME) service you'll have sufficient security for your website, and you won't have to worry about web-hacks. We do this for you, at a fixed yearly price. When a hack attacks takes place, our pre-installed software will recognize it and block the attempt in many, if not all, cases. After the fact we send out letters to the IP-owner where the attack originated from, all IP-owners must comply with these requests and do their best to prevent an attack in the future from that IP address. All this is done by us, without you noticing or any required action from you. For more information about our service, visit this page.

Instagram profile promotion on @InstaHotOrNot

 19,99 excl. 21% BTW
You can buy targeted promotion for our popular Telegram channel; @InstaHotOrNot This channel has followers that only followed on their on accord (organic) and are active channel members, currently our channel has about a 10% response rate. Even after not being active for several months. Our channel is a combination of free posts by our selection of accounts we follow (@InstaHotorNotTG on Insta) & these paid promotions. Free posts get less attention as we don't take extra afford to promote free posts. Currently with 1.530+ followers (April 2021) & a minimum of 1K views per post up to 10K views within 3 months. High engagement rates, especially over time! With a paid promotion, you'll get even more engagement on your profile and posts. As we also pay other channels to promote your post, getting you even more attention. See the screenshots for proof, these posts are 100% organic and haven't been paid for by us to get engagement!

Google Services

 150,00 excl. 21% BTW
With our 'Google Services' your business details are updated in no-time and/or added on Google Search and Google Maps, making you visible for potential customers to visit your business. For more information about this service, click; here.