We provide a service for private persons who have been wrongfully contacted by any company, most cases this also violates the Privacy laws. For them we enforce their contact & fine policy and provide the necessary contact with the company to correct this infraction for them. We will act as a spokesman for the private person, meaning all contact will go through us instead of the private person.

In general this is not a free service for the company involved, and it can lead to high costs when our demands aren’t met and/or contact is persistent.
At Nefesh International we enforce a specialized contact policy for everyone, with some exceptions, every form of contact will cost a fee payable only by companies.



  • Companies/organisations contacting us to enlist our services and/or products,
  • Companies/organisations with our written consent prior, either by letter or e-mail. These consents will be certified by us,
  • When a fee is waived by the private person involved,
  • When we initiate the contact with any company/organisation, not related to this service.

Common fee's

All fee’s are calculate per (part) of an hour, thus the actual invoiced fee’s payable may differ form these stated here.

  • First contact fee: € 75,-
  • Persistent contact fee: € 375,- /per contact moment (letter, mail, phone or in person)
  • Phone contact fee: € 12,50 /per 10 minutes (phone credit must be pre-paid)
  • GDPR/AVG fee: € 189,- /per request
  • Legal action preparation fee: € 1350,- (+ any costs made by our (hired) legal team)

Per all these charges, there is a € 15,- invoice charge for every invoice send. We reserve the right to invoice line items individually.

All prices are excluding 21% BTW (VAT)
These fee’s are in affect since July, 1st 2020