We are Nefesh International, a company based out of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), founded in 2018.
Our core-business is ‘Concept Development‘ & ‘Business Development‘ for our own business(es), and for our clients.
Nefesh International specializes in ‘online content creation‘ by developing new and updating existing websites and online platforms.

Our Brands

As we create business concepts, we also have our own brands that we manage ourselves.

logo Klerelijers

Klerelijers is our Dutch clothing brand, the name is hard to translate one-on-one. Basically, it’s a Dutch curse word, but ‘Klere(n)’ means clothing in Dutch. And ‘Lijers’ in this form mean sufferers, but as ‘Leiders’ (what almost sounds the same in Dutch) it means leaders. Klerelijers as a curse word is seen mostly as less hurtful and often said in a more fun way.

This brand prints Dutch (Amsterdammish) words and phrases on clothing, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Baby jumpers, baby bibs & gloves to name a few.
The brand is due to its content mainly focussed on the Dutch and Belgian/Flemish market therefore isn’t marketed Internationally.

Logo Bananas Are For Monkeys

Bananas Are For Monkeys is our newest brand, selling digital artworks like stickers, posters, canvas & postcards.
We work with our own in-house artists who make our own designs, but we also open up the webshop to other artists who would like to sell their work at our webshop. We produce and ship out their products for these artists for a (small)fee.

Portfolio and more information will follow soon.