We are Nefesh International we do business a bit differently.

Nefesh International is a “Concept Development” company based in Amsterdam, the word ‘Nefesh’ translates to ‘Soul’ from Hebrew. We like to do business with some soul, meaning that all our business concepts & activities must have a positive impact on the soul of our businesses and our employee’s. We do this by keeping a close eye on the 3 important “P’s” in our business; Product, People & Process.

This results in us thinking in solutions and solving these for those needing this, together we came overcome almost everything and find the right solution!

The 3 important P's

People, Product & Process


Products and services are of course very important for a business to be solvent, we believe our products must ‘add‘ something to our clients. We like the offer products and services where there is a specific demand for or when it solves a local or wider spread problem, and not adding to them by just selling what you can.


The most important & valuable asset a company can have, are good employee’s. Without them there is no business, sure you’ll need an idea/strategy and a product/service to sell. But it comes down to the people behind those ideas and products, what makes it a business.


To ensure the products, service & staff are at the best of their abilities and quality, a clear and well communicated process needs to be in place. But this doesn’t mean that it have to be several pages thick to work, they are meant as guidelines while working. Not as a Law.


At Nefesh our services palette is dynamic, meaning we adapt to the customer’ wishes. But we do offer a basic services palette, as shown here;

Marketing Solutions

Largely intertwined with our Web Solutions are our Marketing Solutions, people need to know about your business and/or website before they will visit them.
Our specialists at Nefesh have years of experience in (online) marketing and are ready to help you out!
Or see one of our ready-made marketing services, by clicking the button.

Security Solutions

Security is an important part of our life and business, as well offline as it is online.
Especially the last one has become more and more important last years, so much so that the focus for the majority has shifted from offline to online. At Nefesh we are focussed on teaching businesses and private citizens on how to be and keep safe, online & offline.

Web Solutions

An online web presence is more important than ever, studies show year after year that (mobile) internet usage increases each year.
Going online used to be an expensive ordeal and took several weeks up to months to develop, nowadays you can buy a fully developed and mobile friendly website for a couple of hundred euros and be within a week online.

Our numbers

1 company
3 tradenames
6 standardized services
20 years of 'web development' experience & expertise
15 years of 'security' experience & expertise
10 years of 'business' experience & expertise
2 years of incorporation
1000000 ($) extra generated revenue for clients
200 approx. websites build over time (20 years)

(Some of these numbers are previous accumulated numbers by our staff members, not with our companies per sé)